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At American Highways, our programs are designed specifically for well-managed trucking companies. We have deep experience with all classes of for-hire carriers within the trucking segment.

Why do so many different types of trucking companies trust American Highways? Because they get great service. They get personal attention. And they get the flexibility to choose the insurance programs and coverages that will best protect their company.

We offer traditional first-dollar coverage, small and large deductible programs, as well as various alternative risk transfer programs for those seeking an innovative solution to risk management.

Coverage Options include:

  • Automobile Liability
  • General Liability
  • Physical Damage
  • Garage Liability
  • Workers' Compensation (captives only)
  • Excess Liability available with limits up to $20M
  • Cyber Liability

  • Learn

    To help us better understand your needs, please tell us a little about your company and the programs you’re interested in.

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    You can also email us at or call 800-935-2442.

  • Alternative Risk
    Transfer (ART)

    Are you a good operator with losses that are typically lower than those of your industry peers? If so, an ART program may be an intelligent financial move for your company. Benefits include more stable premiums, as well as the potential for return of unused premiums and investment income.

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